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Posted: July 25, 2011 by Samantha Tiner in From the Director's Desk, Fundraising Drives, Paranormal Community
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When I founded Luminus Veritas Research and Investigations there were a number of goals in my mind. I had been investigating the paranormal with various groups and on my own for nearly ten years at the time. What I wanted to do was establish a group of passionate and serious people who could contribute to an overall database for other groups and researchers to come to for information that could help them establish criteria for their own cases.

Paranormal Research has always been a subjective scientific endeavor. It deals with phenomena and evidence falling outside the general scope of current science. In some cases, the basic scientific method will not be sufficient to prove or to disprove any set of hypotheses about the cases we work on. In fact, it is primarily in that gray area where paranormal groups are called to help. We think outside the box, invest time in our equipment, and for more than one group the goal is to obtain undeniable proof of the existence of things that have long been considered mythological, legendary, or even part of  hallucinations and delusions. While these goals are certainly worthy, the field as a whole lacks a fundamental basis for its evidence to be considered valid by traditional scientific communities. There are no standards currently established to classify information or even any significant collected data against which new data can be weighed.

Some investigators would argue that each case is unique. We deal with varying levels of activity or information, which make establishing this base difficult. But I would argue that while groups often place their evidence up for review, they fail to establish any formal guidelines for how to evaluate it. Instead of offering their interpretations, they leave it up to speculation and informal opinions from untrained individuals. While it is important for people be able to draw their own conclusions and express them, it is also important to tell people why certain conclusions can be made on the evidence presented.

My argument for establishing these basic defining parameters is this:

In recent years, we have seen a rise in interest in the paranormal. Shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, Legend Quest, and Destination Truth have made great strides in attempting to give the curious public a look into the work we do. Each group has their own style and merit. However, I think it is time to do something more than look at this as a form of entertainment. We need to educate. Education is the primary way that we can relieve tensions and alleviate fears about what we do and what we investigate. This has become the primary goal of Luminus Veritas.

In addition, because we see this level of interest from both adults and teens, we cannot be blind to the dangers that dabbling in this field can create. Education will serve to assist local groups in addressing various concerns from all ages. It will also help hobbyists to safely conduct investigations by knowing what can happen if they go to various locations and what techniques are most effective by researching the location before they go.

This publication will serve as a platform from which we will grow. Articles will present information as well as evidence for review. Currently we are based in East Texas and so our information will seem somewhat localized to many. In time, this informational database will grow. We will be accepting new affiliate groups, whom we will train through virtual means in our methods, techniques, case management, and system of classification. Their evidence, along with our own, will be collected into that virtual database that we will make available to the investigative community to assist in their own investigations and research. Essentially this is a way to bring the investigative community, as a whole, together and make the most of our collective efforts.

I will be talking more about the creation of the database, events, and our own investigations in further posts. However, what you will see presented here is not one sided. I’ve enlisted the help of other investigators and researchers to present you with a diverse array of information, leads, and perspectives.

Whether you are an independent researcher, part of an investigative group, or curious about how to get started as an investigator I welcome you to contact myself or any of the staff presented here on the site. You will be seeing announcements for various things and we absolutely encourage your involvement.

Send suggestions for articles you would like to see presented, comment on an article, and engage our writers in dialogue about their topic. We even encourage you to submit your own articles. See our Writer’s Guidelines at the top of the page for more information.

Just a note on donations:

Of course, none of this would be possible without donations from readers and enthusiasts, like you. We have created a donation page that will grow with our various fundraising drives. A button on your left has also been included so that you can easily give via Paypal. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will go towards making this site, our database, and our events as informative and accessible as possible.

I hope that you enjoy your time here on our site. Of course you’ll see articles several days a week and featured articles on the weekends. We work very hard to make this a site worthy of your time. We hope that you will let us know how we’re doing and that you will subscribe for the latest updates and information. Our first article on town of Jefferson, Texas will be arriving on the board tomorrow.

Until next time,

Happy Hunting!

Samantha Tiner

Director Luminus Veritas Investigations & Research

General Editor Paranormal Portal


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