Third most haunted city in the state of Texas

Posted: July 28, 2011 by BJ Wragg in East Texas, Regional Hauntings, Texas
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Want to step back in time? If so and you live in the East Texas area, consider taking a trip to visit Jefferson Texas, listed as the third most haunted city in Texas as well as the fifth oldest city in Texas. Let me give you a little bit of the background of the city and maybe you will see why it is considered haunted.
The rich history of the town begins in the 1800’s when Jefferson was a mecca for riverboat traffic and a prosperous and influential city. It was one of the state’s biggest and busiest river ports and was reported to be the biggest west of the mighty Mississippi.The city was dubbed Queen of the Bayou because of the proximity to the swamps of the Cypress River.

Jefferson, Texas

Clock in Downtown Jefferson

Walking down the streets of Jefferson today is just like stepping back into time and the atmosphere is one of a much gentler era, one where manners and grace once were abundant. A time where everyone knew everyone else, the yards were filled with laughter from kids playing, and music could be heard on a warm summer night from one of the hotels or saloons. Upon walking down main street, you will get a sense of what life might have been like back then. Even on its busiest days of the year however, it is strangely a quiet place seemingly cut off from all the noise and bustle of modern life. Big oak trees surround the area and a gentle breeze seems to always be drifting through. The river is not a far walk from town, and that brings me to one of the reasons it is haunted. I will not go into great detail about some of the reported tales in this article but I will give you some information to pique your curiosity.
The most famous haunting is that of Annie Stone better known to townsfolk as “Diamond Bessie Moore”. She was murdered just outside the city and is said to still roam the streets, river bank and one of the hotels in town. You will see many things about her throughout the town, as she is now somewhat of a celebrity and they are proud to tell you the story and direct you to the spots where she has been seen. There is also the Excelsior House (Hotel) where she has been sighted and many strange things happen if you were to be staying in one of the rooms or wandering the halls at night.

The town has a surreal quality about it, as you can hear the clip clop of the horse and buggy that makes its way through the town, on the cobblestone streets, and a the lonesome whistle of the haunted train the “General Lee” as it makes its rounds telling the history of the town as it goes.

General Lee

General Lee

So whether you want to experience a time gone by or try and catch yourself a glimpse of a ghost. Try checking out beautiful Jefferson, Texas. If your really up for an adventure into the paranormal book you a room at one of the downtown hotels or a bed and breakfast. In my next article,  we will examine details of the hauntingly  sad tale of “Diamond Bessie Moore”.
Until then… Sleep tight.


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