About Us

Luminus Veritas was founded in 2003 by Samantha Tiner and other friends who, at the time, wanted to create a more solid and legitimate organization dedicated to researching unexplained phenomena. Their ultimate goal was to educate the public and offer education for researchers and groups. They also wanted to establish a far-reaching affiliated network of research and investigative groups who could contribute to a broad centralized database where new researchers could both learn and add their own team experiences to the database.

In an effort to accomplish this feat Samantha, who had been a researcher from a young age, began compiling her own research and writing about her own experiences for the purpose of passing on information. Then, in 2009, in East Texas, she held a meeting to speak about those experiences in the hopes of finding additional researchers and investigators.

While many changes have taken place in recent years, a core group still remains active in their research. Dedicated to the original goal, these members are now working closely to establish themselves further in the larger field of paranormal research. They actively investigate, catalog their findings, and have established a series of criteria that all cases adhere to that enables research on scientific and conjecture matters.

Luminus Veritas has three main branches:

  • Investigative: This branch focuses on active investigations and through these investigations helps the public understand the paranormal within the scope of what is occurring in their environment. They work within strict guidelines of confidentiality and with a high degree of ethical standards. They collect data, conduct interviews, and even offer counseling to those in need at no cost to their clients. Investigators are volunteers who are highly trained within the structure of the organization in the use of equipment, techniques for interviewing, data collection, and spiritual elements that can go along with many cases.

If you are interested in having Luminus Veritas answer questions about your situation or would like to become a member of the team you can email the Director at samanthatiner@gmail.com

  • Research: This branch focuses primarily on research and database creation/maintenance. Taking on bigger topics, broader venues, and more controversial information this part of our team helps extensively in analysis and preparing the reports needed to establish and maintain our database on cases throughout the world. Researchers are trained to gather information and speculate openly about explanations to events. They follow up on more controversial and far-reaching topics including cryptozoology, fringe-science, alternative news, Ufology, near death experiences, angelology, demonology, and other subjects that fall into the broader spectrum of paranormal research. Researchers may or may not work with the Investigative Branch based on their individual projects. They do however, report to the organization as a whole and maintain the same ethical standards that are present throughout Luminus Veritas.
  • Education: This branch focuses on educating the public and includes members from both branches above. This branch will seek out ways to bring information to the public by publishing information, maintaining the database, and setting up events. Events can include seminars, workshops, lectures, speaking engagements, recruitment presentations, tours, fairs, and conventions. This is the newest branch added to Luminus Veritas. Currently they are in the planning phase for a convention that could be held in Texas in 2012. Stay tuned for more information.

Since the establishment in 2003 the main obstacle for reaching the goals of the institution have been funding. Now, in 2011, the group is reaching out online to find funding and give back to their community while offering information and education to their patrons. The Director’s background in writing and publishing gave a unique opportunity to establish a legitimate publication centered on the group’s research and findings.

Luminus Veritas operates on donations and is a not-for-profit organization. Clients seeking help are not turned away due to inability to pay fees for investigative services. Conventions and other education-based events are held with minimal ticket prices to cover the costs associated with the venue, speaking fees, and reproduced materials included in ticket prices. Luminus Veritas has also worked to establish an online store with merchandise like tshirts, coffee mugs, mousepads, stickers and the like whose profits serve to pay costs associated with maintenance of websites, databases, equipment, and to pay expenses for hands on investigations.

Our organization is passionate about what we do. We hope to gather enough funding to establish an interactive database that would be publicly accessible online. The interactive website would have discussion forums, listings of affiliated groups around the world, and allow us to book events through the website.

Donations are appreciated and will be put towards projects listed including this publication. If you would like more information, have specific questions, or would like to become a member or affiliate of Luminus Veritas, you can contact the Director at samanthatiner@gmail.com


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