Amy Robbins

Amy Robbins

Amy Robbins

Amy has been fascinated with the paranormal from a young age, when she had numerous encounters with unexplained phenomena.  She spent several years traveling to various locations in the United States as a seasonal resort worker, and gathered many fascinating experiences along the way.  During those travels she met Samantha Tiner who is the Director for Luminus Veritas Investigations. She joined the organization in late 2003 as a researcher and apprentice investigator.

Amy’s fascination in research primarily centers around folkore and mythology, extra-dimensional phenomena, time/space anomalies, and the connection between paranormal phenomena and quantum physics.  She feels that paranormal phenomena are simply another form of expression of nature. She also concedes that science, while not having a full understanding of the laws of the universe, may someday develop a greater understanding of what is now considered fringe science.  Her articles here are a testament to her commitment to finding truth and information on these topics.

Amy works as a freelance artist and is currently based in Houston, Texas.


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