Belinda Wragg

Belinda Wragg Investigator with Luminus Veritas

Author/Investigtor Belinda Wragg

Belinda Wragg is 52 years old. She was born in Kentucky and traveled a great deal in the course of her lifetime developing a broad knowledge of local legends, haunting claims and history wherever she went. She relocated to East Texas in 2000 where she now lives with her husband Mike and enjoys being a grandmother to 9 rambunctious kids in two states. She also has two dogs and two cats who are like her kids who she claims minds better than most.

Belinda has always been interested in the paranormal. Early in life she has had many experiences that contributed to this love of hauntings and the possibility of life after death.
Belinda joined Luminus Veritas in 2008 as a field investigator and has worked on numerous cases. Her focus has been on analysis of evidence and historical research but, she greatly enjoys the investigative process and working with clients. Currently, she holds the position of researcher for Luminus Veritas Investigations and is a primary source of new cases for the team.

To reach Belinda personally to discuss her articles or possible cases you can email her at .


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