Samantha Tiner

Samantha Tiner

Samantha Tiner Director of Luminus Veritas

Samantha Tiner is the Director of Luminus Veritas Investigations and a published author. She is 32 years old and lives in East Texas with her husband where she writes for various websites and works tirelessly at a fiction project as well as her Luminus Veritas responsibilities.

Samantha’s fascination with the paranormal began, like many investigators, at a young age.  In college she began working with various groups around the country and doing serious research into unexplained phenomena. Her primary focus has been on haunting and spectral activity along with UFO research and alternative history.

While she did not finish her degree, Samantha studied history at Eastern Kentucky University for two years. Then she threw herself into independent research and study. Her work with various groups across the U.S. has given her over twelve years of field experience.

Samantha serves as the primary trainer for Luminus Veritas and has worked to develop both in-person and virtual training applications for use in this unique field. She was a primary resource in developing the concept of the research database. She is also a sought out speaking figure for her love of storytelling and experiences.

She lists her occupation as a writer and has a fiction novel coming out in late 2011 with CYW Media of Bakersfield, Calif. She is also working on a crowdfunded series of fictional adventures of a paranormal investigation team set to debut in August. Currently she serves as the “Examiner” for Dallas in the area of classic literature on and is the co-author of a steampunk adventure series at .

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