Donations Information


Our research is made possible through donations from our extensive network of readers. We invite you to consider making a donation to our cause. Various donation drives will go on throughout the year, though you are welcome to use the text field to designate how your donation should benefit us.


Currently we are raising funds to take Paranormal Portal to its own web domain and establish a working website for Luminus Veritas where we can store the database we collect. For this to be possible we need funds to do the following:

  • Purchase a Domain Name
  • Purchase a Hosting Package
  • Hire a web designer
  • Hire a programmer to assist with creating a viable database accessible online and easy incorporation of ongoing data
  • Creation and maintenance of a members list with passwords for sensitive information
  • Payment account for our contributors for their time and care in crafting the articles that you read here.

You can choose for your donation to go toward any of the above mentioned. Donations without a designation will go into a general fund for use as needed on any of these items.

This will be updated with donation goals and tickers as we get our initial drive going.

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