Writer’s Guidelines

Want to write for us?

Our writers are volunteers associated with Luminus Veritas Research and Investigation. However, we are prepared to accept well-written and topic-relevant articles from writers with a passion for paranormal research.

Articles should be written in accordance with AP downstyle format. Our word count requirements are fairly flexible however, we do not accept articles more than 700 words for our weekday posts. Likewise we limit wordcount on weekend features to 1,500 words.

We do request photos relevant to the article and its subject. You will be asked to provide copyright information and attribution for the photos to allow us to give proper credit. If photos are not your own, you will be requested to provide contact information and permission from the photographer or owner so that we may obtain permission to use the image.

We are currently seeking  regular contributors who are  passionate and practical with regards to the following categories

  • Local Legends Regional Specific
  • Ufology
  • Cryptozoology
  • Conspiracy Theories

Payment: Currently in start-up, we are not able to guarantee any payment for articles. However, it is possible that this could change depending on funding efforts and donation drives for our group. As writers ourselves, we understand the importance of byline and payment. We can provide professional byline credit and promotion. However, pay per article will come with the success of our venture.

Single Article Submissions:
It is suggested that you query us with single article ideas. We do accept single article ideas for one time publication. However, we do reserve the right to reproduce if needed for promotional needs and will contact the author if this occurs. Writers retain the right to republish their work with other publications.

Send a brief synopsis of the article, expected completion date, along with a couple of paragraphs detailing your experience as an investigator and researcher. (We will craft a contributor bio from this.) This will be mailed to our Editor Samantha Tiner at luminusveritas@gmail.com Use subject Portals Submission and allow approximately 2-3 weeks for reply. If you have not heard from her within 3 weeks, feel free to send a follow up email.

Please note that acceptance will also depend upon editorial review of article and may be subject to minor corrections as detailed in correspondence from the Editor. Upon completion of article and final acceptance you will be notified of a final publication date which you may use to publicize the article. You’ll also receive a direct link back to the article.

Recurring Contributor Submissions & Guidelines:

If applying for one of our open Contributor positions it is required that you detail your prior research and investigative experience. You should provide information on groups you’ve been affiliated with, how long you’ve had an interest, and what specific information you feel that you can bring to the column that would be unique.

We also want to see a preliminary list of possible articles you would submit for review and placement. A few sentences to elaborate the main theme is sufficient on single articles. However, if you have an idea for a series of articles please provide a detailed description.

We do like for our regular contributors to be affiliated with the overall organization. To do this, we require that you undertake training in your respective field through Luminus Veritas in a virtual classroom setting. Afterwards you will be expected to maintain files on your research and submit them at regular intervals for review and update in the Luminus Veritas database.  Please indicate in your email if you, or your group, would be willing to become affiliates.

You can submit your proposal to our Editor Samantha Tiner at luminusveritas@Gmail.com

Allow 2-3 weeks for response.


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